5 Motorcycle brands sell a Garmin Zũmo based on their own specifications: BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Harley Davidson & Buell
These so called "branded" Zũmo's look and do almost the same things as their "normal" versions, but there are differences in hardware and software!
The most obvious differences know are:

  • XM compatible as from software version 2.50 (XM radio compatibility was not available before)
  • Different motorcycle mounting kit (to fit BMW's)
  • GTM 12 Traffic receiver included in the box (USA only ?? They are not in the box in UK versions, maybe not in other country's as well)
  • BMW dealers visible on the map (extra gmapoem.img included in the file menu)
  • Download the manual

  • Comes with a remote control as an unique accessory!
  • Honda dealers visible on the map (extra gmapoem.img included in the file menu)
  • Japanese versions are sold under the name "Gathers M" (with additional functions like sat-screen and address search by entering phone numbers)
  • Carrying case with Honda logo

Al the software updates are not compatible and have different version numbers! ..

Humo_box_2.jpg Humo_box_1.jpg

  • Mainly an action model that looks like a normal 550
  • Comes with dealer poi's
  • And some routes (racing circuits) and waypoints.
  • Most likely this version shares the firmware with the "normal" Zumo versions
  • More info, link to Suzuki Great Brittain site

Harley Davidson & Buell Road Tech™
external image 92357_08_M_239b4.jpg

external image 2rqyv0j.jpg

Custom button on HD Zumo

The "Map Info" screen listed:
Harley-Davidson /Buell Dealers
(1) Worldwide v2.00 (this is the file named "gmapoem.img")
City Navigator North America NT 2009
(1) All
The "Where To?" menu included an icon on the top row labeled "Harley-Davidson" that (not surprisingly) opened a list of HD dealers.
The Mad Maps version of "Historic Route 66" was pre-loaded in the "Extras" menu, and the Proximity Points included an item labeled "Tourguide".

BMW firmware updates

Use the BMW WEBUPDATER to install this version

Zumo BMW (WebUpdater) software version 2.50

as of March 5, 2009
Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:
  • Corrected issue with traffic unlock code entry.
  • Enabled XM satellite radio support. Requires GXM-30 accessory.
  • Corrected issue with dialing European BMW dealers.

Zumo BMW 550 software version 2.40 as of March 5, 2008

Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:

  • Speed up MadMaps route calculations
  • Correct issue displaying GPI files that were created on a PC with a system code page other than 1252
  • And a lot which is not mentioned.

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

  • Added support for the European Retail Map Update
    BMW branded Zumo
    BMW branded Zumo
  • Corrected issue that provided invalid search results near your destination for long routes.
  • Corrected issue with MadMaps support that could cause an incorrect Speed Zone alert to display
  • Correct issue when searching near cities
  • Add support for African Time zones.
  • Add support for several new pre-recorded voices.
  • Add support for distances in yards when a British voice is selected (may require updated voice).
  • Added support for MAD Maps scenic routes.
  • Allow the compass page to display 5 digits of elevation.
  • Improved handling of circular routes. Allows entry at alternate point. Will not announce arrival when starting a route. (All routes will be deleted after update, but can be re-imported from GPX files.)
  • Keep the map detail level when go from main map to browse map.
  • When reviewing a gas station after pressing the fuel button from main map, the map will now be centered on selected gas station rather than the vehicle.
  • Change Optimal Reorder so it does not include the final point when reordering.
  • Correct issue where backlight may change if you remain on the backlight adjust page for a period of time.
  • Correct issue where backlight may turn off when location is above polar circle.
  • Correct issue that would sometimes cause highways to be labeled with the incorrect name.
  • Correct issue that would not allow more than a single point to be added to some routes.
  • Correct issues when the same map is loaded in two different regions.
  • Correct issue when searching for cities on basemap.
  • Correct off road transitions in track to route when there is no map coverage.
  • Correct issue playing Audible format 4 books.
  • Correct distance for mixed routes imported from MapSource
  • Correct issue that caused all traffic delays to be 1min when using certain maps.
  • Correct issue that prevented TrafficMaster service from being properly named on the unit.
  • Correct issue that prevented some very large track log activities from being archived correctly.
  • Correct issue where changes to a route would be lost if you press and hold the back button.
  • Correct issue that caused MP3?s to be paused for navigation announcements when navigation was set to off and a pre-recorded voice was selected.
  • Added a user selectable Off Route Recalculation Mode
  • Updated Compass and Trip Computer displays to remember their last page mode
  • Enabled Bluetooth troubleshooting whenever a phone is paired
  • Allow volume adjustment when using a Bluetooth headset with audio option set to phone only
  • Added Lithuanian text language support\
  • Corrected issues in Trip log archive support that resulted in 0 length files and false reporting of full logs
  • Corrected issue on Compass page that prevented it from displaying the heading
  • Corrected flashing on the Enter Coordinates page
  • Corrected issue that allowed the page key to escape from the pin entry for Garmin Lock
  • Corrected rare issue that could prevent proper startup when custom POI files contain a large number of bitmaps
  • Corrected problem ejecting on Mac computers
  • Add support for coordinate entry in alternative grid formats
  • Maintain zoom level when panning from main map
  • Correct Extended Postal Code searching error in the UK
  • Correct shutdown when import waypoint with unsupported symbol
  • Correct import of certain route points with MapSource 6.12.2
  • Correct issue that prevented trip log archive function from activating[/quote]

Update on BMW Dealer POI v3.00

You can download the latest version of "BMW Motorrad Worldwide v3.00"
from this link (exe file)
Make a backup of your current drive. The exe file will install it automaticaly.

Honda firmware updatesexternal image Navy-con-icone.jpg

Changes from version 2.40 to version 2.50:

Currently only available over the webupdater.
  • Changed speaker button to toggle mute on long push and inform latest guidance information on short push.
  • This mutes the full audio output (guidence & music) over remote + the Zumo

Initial (official) version 2.40

Warning: The data below and version files are found on a Japanese Honda website.
As to this time, it is not known if these firmware versions are compatible wit European or USA Honda ZUMO's
Install at your own risk! Make a sure you got a back up!

The installer seems to be in Japanese language as well. Instead of text you get questionmarks [????] if your computer does not support the Japanese language.
Some translations below may not be correct since it had a japanese / bablefish translation as a source.
These files are believed to be beta versions.

Honda V3.07 full

  • Added compass page
  • "Audio" was added to the bluetooth page, making selection possible for MP3, phone or both
  • Corrected issue when going into night time mode after turning on
  • Added tracklog Archive function.
  • Added "share" button for route sharing to SD cards
  • Corrected Mapsource connecting / route transfer issue
  • Corrected issue on "audio guide" (?)
  • Corrected issue where destination is within 1Km and power was lost, navigation was not restarted; set back range is modified to 200m.

Honda V3.08

  • Corrected issue where altitude meter showed [-------] above 10.000km. Now modified to max 99.999km ;-)
  • Corrected issue where the volume ratio was unwillingly reset between MP3 and navigation
  • Corrected issue with fuel range meter

Update on Honda Dealer POI v3.00

You can download the latest version of "Honda EUROPE dealers, combined Auto and Motorcycle v3.00"
from this link (gmapoem.img file)
Make a backup of your current drive, and replace the new GMAPOEM containing dealer info.

Harley Davidson / Buell firmware updates

external image index.php?action=dlattach;topic=6415.0;attach=2432;image

Road Tech Zumo Version
All HD/BUELL firmware were thought to be identical to the normal Zumo 550.
But as from version 4.40 there might be a difference since Garmin has made a specific release for the Road Tech versions available.
If in doubt: Check out your current version using the WEBUPDATER.

Initial release
Software Version 4.20
Audio 1.90
GPS SW Version 3.00
Bluetooth SW Version 3.10
TTS voices.

User "recondas" from Zumoforums.com has confirmed that the Harley-Davidson firmware is compatible with the normal Zũmo firmware.
I ran the Garmin web updater on a Harley unit that came pre-loaded with Software Version 4.20. The Web Updater successfully installed Software Version 4.30, the unit functioned correctly and still had the Harley-Davidson specific features intact (a "Where To" menu category of Harley-Davidson and the Route 66 Mad Maps and Tour Guide).